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History of the RoadRunners MC

The RoadRunners MC in Wisconsin was originally formed in the fall of 1979. The club started in the southeast region of Milwaukee county with 10 members. The founding members used a standard AMA starter kit for their original base constitution, bylaws, etc. They shirt tailed their start, riding on the AMA number of the Oak Park RoadRunners, a Chicago area Goldwing club with chapters in Iowa. The original colors were modelled on the lower 48 states and featured founding president Buddah's Goldwing, nicknamed "The General".

Incorportation Era
Four years later the colors were changed to feature script style text on the rockers and the Goldwing was replaced with a Harley. This was just the start of the changes the club was making. The membership in 1986 put on the first Bike Blessing at a south side tavern. In 1991 the Bike Blessing moved to it's current location at Legion Post #434. This location had a building that inspired Mungo (then president) and others to conceive the Biker Ball, held at the same location.

Modern Era
The final change to the RoadRunners MC colors came in 1993 when the membership adopted "Speedy" as their logo. In the late 1990's the club also moved into their clubhouse, located in Big Bend, Wisconsin. The location reflects the demographic shift as the club now had members from across the southeastern part of the state.

Chapter Era
In 2008 the existing and planned growth of the RoadRunners MC led to the creation of a second Chapter. The RoadRunners MC Norther Chapter began operations around New Years of 2008-2009 in the Adams County area of Wisconsin. More information on our Northern Chapter can be found at their website.

The RoadRunners MC invite you to join them at any of our events, listed on the event page of this website.

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